Emergency Meals


Would your community be prepared if severe weather or an emergency hits tomorrow? Ensuring seniors and other vulnerable individuals receive meals, especially in times of emergency, is critical. From hurricanes and flooding to earthquakes, tornadoes, and wildfires, TRIO has frozen and shelf-stable meal options.

We support emergency preparedness with various nutrient-dense, shelf-stable meals that offer seniors a comforting sense of security. No matter the conditions, seniors know they have a nutritious meal to pull from the pantry. Our shelf-stable meals are ready to eat and do not require any refrigeration. Aside from emergency scenarios, shelf-stable meals can also be used for Medicaid Waiver services, weekend meals, holiday meals, and government closures.

Frozen Meal Option:

  • Straight Pack of 20 meals per case

Shelf Stable Meal Options:

  • Single Meal Box
  • 5-Meal Variety Box

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